About Us

MWH Medical Pte Ltd is an integrated healthcare provider providing a comprehensive range of healthcare services including specialist healthcare, general medical services, day care surgery, diagnostic imaging centre and aesthetic medical services.

The group with a focus on integrating the latest advances in medicine for prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions.

Our core values are Privacy, Accuracy, Safety and Excellence. The group aims to be the ideal healthcare choice for patients by delivering on our unique “One Day, One Stop, One Centre” concept.

Our group adopts a unique “One Day, One Stop, One Centre” model.
At MWH centres, patients are able to get lab tests, diagnostic imaging scans, and some procedures were done – all at the same location. This allows for better coordination and reduced waiting times, and it saves the patient the hassle of travelling to different locations.

At present, the group has two multispeciality medical centres, three medical aesthetics centres, two diagnostic imaging centres – spanning a total of 30,000 sqft at Paragon and Royal Square Novena. It covers a wide range of specialist medical services, including cardiology, ear nose throat, internal medicine, orthopaedics, urology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, radiology, and aesthetics.

Our focus is on integrating recent advances in medicine and the latest technology for early prevention, diagnosis and treatment. The Centre aims to be the ideal choice for all medical needs by delivering a safe and accurate diagnosis.