Corporate Lunch Health Talk – Singapore Institute Management (SIM)

Corporate Lunch Health Talk

Date: 5 Jul 2019
Corporate Company: Singapore Institute Management (SIM)
Time: 12pm – 2pm

Topic: Insomnia
Speaker: Dr Vyas M.N. Prasad, Senior Consultant Otolaryngologist – Head & Neck Surgeon

Corporate Lunch Health Talk – Singtel, Comcentre

Singtel Corporate Health Lunch Talk

Date: 25 March 2019
Corporate Company: Singtel
Venue: Singtel Recreation Club, Comcentre B2
Time: 12 pm to 2 pm

Topic: Common ENT Conditions
Speaker: Dr Vyas Prasad, Senior Consultant Otolaryngologist-Head & Neck Surgeon

Disease of the Ear, Nose and Throat affect all ages and are relatively common making up to 40% Self-referrals to General Practitioners. Condition such as the common cold, influenza, allergic rhinitis and chronic cough are a staple of both the General Practitioner and Specialist Otolaryngologist.

In this talk, Dr Vyas highlighted the variety of conditions that present to the Otolaryngologist and the impact they have on the individual and their carers.  These include common infections which can develop into far more serious complications. Head and Neck Cancer and airways issues that are associated with sleep and others that can also comprise breathing.

360 Health Management Seminar

360 Health Management Seminar

Date: 30 March 2019
Time: 10am to 2pm
Venue: SPH News Centre Auditorium

If you value your health, you would do well to pay heed to the adage: Prevention is better than cure. You can also put it into practice by attending The Straits Times Mind & Body 360 Health Management Seminar. This event gives you the opportunity to gain more knowledge and tips on how to protect, manage and support your health.

keep a look out for our next Health talk in 19 Oct 2019