An eye test can save your life

Modern medicine works by finding evidence to support one or more differential diagnosis at a particular point in time. Sometimes the evidence can come from seemingly unrelated parts of our body. The eye is unique in being the only organ in our body that allows [...]

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Our Eyes, Our First Defence

As Singapore emerges from the “circuit breaker”, a measured approach and long-term plan for eye care to better prepare for possible future outbreaks should be considered SGSecure, a national campaign launched in Singapore four years ago for crisis preparedness has been a success in informing [...]

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Singapore Medical Specialists Centre Breaks New Grounds In Vision Enhancement

One of the most common applications for lasers in the treatment of eye problems is in refractive correction. Due to its high safety and efficacy, laser vision correction for refractive errors has today become a mainstream approach. Providing freedom from glasses and contact lenses, it is sought after not [...]

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Vision 20/20: viewing the world perfectly

AT the dawn of a year and decade, it is fitting to review and renew our goals. 2020 holds special meaning for everyone who appreciates the sense of sight and especially for me as an eye specialist. “20/20 vision” is medical parlance for normal or optimal visual sharpness: what [...]

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Guarding against diabetes-linked eye disease

Early and regular eye screening is the best defence for diabetics against loss of vision Several years ago, while volunteering as a consultant to teach local eye doctors for a charitable organisation in rural China, I was eager to share the strategies applied in healthcare in Singapore against the [...]

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Safeguarding your eyes from the ‘thief of sight’

Glaucoma is a silent disease, and opportunistic screening and regular monitoring are recommended to detect it early The recent haze ended as quickly as it began and the skies in Singapore are blue again. In medical parlance, such episodic problems are usually termed an “attack”, such as a heart [...]

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Keeping an eye on dry eye syndrome

Keeping an eye on dry eye syndrome Eye complaints are becoming more common especially when the weather is hot, dry and hazy A Patient of mine who suffered from dry and allergic eyes and eyelids told me recently that she deemed me a role model because of my "sparkly [...]

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Set your sights on eating right

Set your sights on eating right Have you ever eaten “with your eyes”? The chances are yes.  Apart from odor and taste, the sight of food contributes significantly to our assessment and enjoyment of food.  In fact, the glamourised appearance of a particular food item often becomes the single [...]

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