Glycemic Variability holds the key to diabetic complications

A FORTNIGHT ago, I wrote about my Apple watch that was a birthday present from my better half. We foresaw that the Apple watch would eventually be a telemetry device for human beings. One of the interesting upcoming developments by Apple is the ability to [...]

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The Smart Watch: Telemetry For Humans?

GOOD nutrition, clean environments, accessibility to good healthcare and healthy lifestyles have increased human longevity. Nevertheless, the quest of increasing longevity is insatiable. As medical science pushes the boundaries of human lifespan, delving into the science of longevity can help us sieve through the reams [...]

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Belly fat is the biggest enemy in fight against obesity

A combination of a healthy diet and exercise can get rid of the extra kilos and decrease the risk of developing diabetes My patients have been complaining of weight loss or weight gain since the circuit breaker was initiated. Those who have lost weight were [...]

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Getting a flu shot is a good idea right now

The year-end and the yuletide season will be soon upon us. Ordinarily we would be gearing to go travelling and some of us would be headed to cold temperatures in the northern part of the globe. However, this has been anything but an ordinary year. [...]

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Living through a once-in-a-lifetime event

It has been 14 weeks or so since the first case of Covid-19 virus landed on our shores. A lot has happened since, with a wave of returning citizens bringing home the virus from epicentres in the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States. These [...]

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Understanding the ‘cytokine storm’ that is Covid-19

I was on vacation in Japan around Christmas when I first heard the news on CNN, of a strange virus that was causing pneumonia in a cluster of patients in  Wuhan. On reading the report on my smartphone, I felt a shiver down my spine. This was because the [...]

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Feasting or fasting in the festive season?

THE Christmas festivities are barely over and Chinese New Year is already rolling round. We have just recovered from the wine and dine of the Yuletide season and are trying to shed the extra kilogrammes. The gym instructors will tell you that there is a surge in the beginning [...]

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What you should know about the various types of vaccines

Travellers especially should take precautions and depending on their destinations, go for the relevant vaccinations I am often asked about vaccines by my patients; most of the queries pertain to travel, dengue, pneumonia and shingles. It is interesting to note that most of our childhood vaccines are not compulsory [...]

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