Throat Cancer – Not Just A Smoker’s Disease

Throat cancer refers primarily to malignant tumours of the voice box and the lining of the muscular tube that lies behind it. The main risk factors are smoking and alcohol and these are synergistic when both factors are present. Throat cancer usually affects older males [...]

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Children’s Ear, Nose and Throat Problems

Children commonly have issues with their ears, nose and throat. This is partly because of the natural physiological process of development which can make them prone to viral infections and allergies to name a few. While the common cold and ‘flu’ affect children and adults alike, the complications of [...]

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Not all wheezing is asthma-related

Asthma is a common medical condition affecting the lower respiratory tract. It affects all age groups, genders and is seen globally. It has several causes – namely genetic and environmental factors. However, in the absence of an obvious precipitant, it is often idiopathic (when the cause is unknown). Asthma [...]

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Age-related hearing loss has wider ramifications

Age-related hearing loss has wider ramifications The Impact of hearing loss on health Issues such as cognition and dementia should be recognized and managed Hearing loss affects an estimated 5 percent of the world's population, and will affect twice that number (900 million) in 30 years. The majority of [...]

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Childhood Hearing Loss – Often Avoidable, Preventable and Treatable

Childhood Hearing Loss – Often Avoidable, Preventable and Treatable Hearing loss affects over 350 million people worldwide with over 30 million being children. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has issued a paper in line with the principles of the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities focusing on [...]

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