With Us – MWH Centre of Medical Imaging – Siemens Asia Reference Centre

Our new centre at Royal Square at Novena has been named Siemen’s Asia Reference Centre. The Centre will serve as a touch point to other regional medical facilities and introduce Siemens’ latest medical innovations and technology in Asia. It houses the region’s first 3T Magnetom Vida MRI machine that incorporates artificial intelligence with its BioMatrix Technology, the 3T MRI machine conducts faster examinations and produces results with higher resolution for better image quality and accuracy. The technology caters to the specific needs of each patient, while also delivering consistent, high-quality and personalised examination results that prevent unwarranted variations in imaging results, allowing us to achieve improved medical precision and deliver better patient care.

The centre also has the capability to support a full range of scans comprising of ultrasound, X-Ray, treadmill, bone mineral densitometry, mammogram and CT scan. The CT Scan is Siemen’s latest model of the dual source CT scanner. With X-ray tube voltage set identically between each tube, we are able to achieve speedy, efficient imaging of patients. Enabling us to scan uncooperative patients without needing to breath hold (pediatrics) quickly, plus the ability to scan obese patients even at low kVps for dose reduction.

With dual energy scanning technology, the voltage set differently between each X-ray tube allows us to gain additional diagnostic capabilities. This is particularly useful when performing angiographies requiring bone removal and when quantifying iodine uptake within lesions.