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23 October 2018 marked another milestone for Singapore Medical Specialists Centre – The opening of MWH Medical Pte Ltd at Royal Square Novena 7th Floor.

Our one-stop facility comprises 3 different focus area and is named as follows:

MWH Medical Specialists Centre presents a multidisciplinary set of specialists’ healthcare services.

MWH Heart, Stroke and Cancer Centre with the main focus of treating the 3 main causes of death: Heart disease, Stroke and Cancer by interventional cardiologists and radiologists.

MWH Centre for Medical Imaging provides health screening and diagnostics imaging, which is the backbone of our efforts to preventive healthcare.

Singapore Medical Specialists Centre aims to be the ideal healthcare choice for locals and medical travellers, by delivering medical services with safe, accurate and excellent outcomes. Our one-stop facility provides comprehensive healthcare and advanced diagnostic services by leading physicians in a private setting with a focus on excellent service standards, with the key focus on ‘Preventive Healthcare, Early Detection and Intervention”.

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