The ABCs of high blood pressure

In most cases, diagnosis of high BP and hypertension should be made only after a period of evaluation I recently saw a gentleman, Mr A, who had a history of frequent dizzy spells which were so severe that it made him unsteady when he was [...]

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Our Eyes, Our First Defence

As Singapore emerges from the “circuit breaker”, a measured approach and long-term plan for eye care to better prepare for possible future outbreaks should be considered SGSecure, a national campaign launched in Singapore four years ago for crisis preparedness has been a success in informing [...]

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How to live to 100

FROM 1960 till 2020, there has been a 28-fold increase in the number of centenarians. The path to longevity is strewn with false promises of expensive elixirs, exotic supplements, and stem cell rejuvenation. Human longevity is a complex interplay between the genes, the environment and [...]

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Living through a once-in-a-lifetime event

It has been 14 weeks or so since the first case of Covid-19 virus landed on our shores. A lot has happened since, with a wave of returning citizens bringing home the virus from epicentres in the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States. These [...]

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Throat Cancer – Not Just A Smoker’s Disease

Throat cancer refers primarily to malignant tumours of the voice box and the lining of the muscular tube that lies behind it. The main risk factors are smoking and alcohol and these are synergistic when both factors are present. Throat cancer usually affects older males [...]

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Singapore Medical Specialists Centre Breaks New Grounds In Vision Enhancement

One of the most common applications for lasers in the treatment of eye problems is in refractive correction. Due to its high safety and efficacy, laser vision correction for refractive errors has today become a mainstream approach. Providing freedom from glasses and contact lenses, it is sought after not [...]

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Children’s Ear, Nose and Throat Problems

Children commonly have issues with their ears, nose and throat. This is partly because of the natural physiological process of development which can make them prone to viral infections and allergies to name a few. While the common cold and ‘flu’ affect children and adults alike, the complications of [...]

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Lower your blood pressure with right lifestyle choices

BLOOD pressure (BP) continues to be an important determinant of our health and has significant implications for many diseases including stroke, heart disease, kidney damage and eye disease. Understanding how our lifestyles impact our blood pressure can help us make the right decisions in maintaining a healthy range of [...]

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Understanding the ‘cytokine storm’ that is Covid-19

I was on vacation in Japan around Christmas when I first heard the news on CNN, of a strange virus that was causing pneumonia in a cluster of patients in  Wuhan. On reading the report on my smartphone, I felt a shiver down my spine. This was because the [...]

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Feasting or fasting in the festive season?

THE Christmas festivities are barely over and Chinese New Year is already rolling round. We have just recovered from the wine and dine of the Yuletide season and are trying to shed the extra kilogrammes. The gym instructors will tell you that there is a surge in the beginning [...]

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